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How to install and configure ModPerl 2
by Randolf Richardson, Inter-Corporate Computer & Network Services, Inc.

[ This document is still being edited -- it is nearly complete ]

Installation is usually fairly easy, but the configuration can be challenging.  This is a step-by-step guide that explains the installation (while also highlighting some important details) and configuration of industry-standard web server software on the Unix/Linux or Windows/ReactOS computing environments.

For your convenience, this guide is organized in five sections:

  1. ModPerl Installation
  2. ModPerl Configuration
  3. ModPerl Virtual hosting
  4. ModPerl custom Perl Module
  5. ModPerl scripts

§ Acknowledgements

Special thanks goes to the developers of Apache HTTPd, Perl, ModPerl, APR, CPAN, DBIx::Class, NetBSD, and other various projects.

Additional thanks to various folks throughout the IRC network, and in the #Perl and #ModPerl channels in the IRC network, who were very helpful.

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